where the booty pics at

I was thinking about taking some. If enough people ask me, I will <3

fvck. I wish there was a collage of posters of you on my sealing 😍. & I just wake up nd see you, like daaaamn.

Heeeyyy that’s a raw idea. I’mma do that but with Sasha Grey.

*melts on floor* ;o

&& thank you btw.

i'm glad my booty meets ur approval:)

It does, you should post more asspiece shots more often. The world needs it.

you know i still got mad love for you :)

Energy can never be destroyed & da love is hella mutual.

i got so distracted lookin at the pics on ur ig that i forgot i left the kitchen sink running and not theres water all over my apartment floor -_-

My heart goes out to you in your time of struggle ;) 

Glad you vibe my IG doe [!]

I just wanna thank the few people that have followed me over the years and loved up on me everytime I came back. Your vibes always reach me and I treasure your affection. Love, Nat. :’)

my bed is a giant pillow

add my new IG: NatVenom_Suicide

if you want to ;)